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I'm just a fucked-up girl who's looking for my own peace of mind.

Don't assign me yours.

Amanda, in your coffee
31 October
What to say about me? I like stuff. I do stuff. I'm interested in stuff... I tell you all about it here.

I'm a student, still figuring out what I want from it as I love studying, but am utterly unambitious. I am totally always re-arranging my life. I'm a Californian (born and raised) recently back after living in London with my husband. I love both places, which seems to be an odd concept to a lot of people. Wherever I am, I miss the other place. I am a Californian Londoner, or vice versa. Either way, I love both places, am attached to both places, and consider myself a product of both places.

I am a music fanatic (I even post songs for download regularly in locked posts) so I blab on about bands all the time, somewhat of a film enthusiast (this was a trait of my husband's that rubbed off on me), psycho-analyser of reality tv, pop culture maniac, lover of dance, bookworm, part-time fangirl, and prone to spew nonsense on random topics of interest.

This journal revolves--obviously--around me. Be prepared to be bored if you don't want to read about me.

My friending policy: if you friend me, I will most likely friend you back -- just let me know you friended me and why by leaving a comment on an entry. Most of this journal is open, but some posts aren't, so go ahead and let me know if you want to read it all. Feel free! I don't bite; cyberspace prevents that from happening.

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