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I'm just a fucked-up girl who's looking for my own peace of mind.

Don't assign me yours.

Happy New Year!
Tink says no!
Happy New Year, everyone!

I went to Gridlock to see Adam Lambert, so if anyone is curious about that experience... kleeeeeeeeeekCollapse )

Top 10 Albums of 2009
Yeah, I'm not buying anymore music this year.

Albums of the YearCollapse )

Paul's Top Films of the Decade
Remember me
I've been back from the Philippines, for awhile now. It was definitely a good trip. Interesting for sure, but I will post more. I've just been preoccupied.

Pancit does not taste as good here anymore. It's sad.

Top 30 Films, as deemed by PaulCollapse )

Not necessarily reflections of my taste.

Yo, everyone.
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I'm hungry. And where's my sister?

Thank God it is so much cooler this week. It was freakin' hot last week and since I had a cough, I was so uncomfortable and a raging bitch. I'm better now. Autumn, come soon. I love you and miss you.

I'm kind of sick of the sunshine right now, to be honest. I'm such a Goldilocks when it comes to my weather.

*coughs all over lj*
I'm sick.

Fuck that.

What I want to do this week:

See Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Janel (alas, not likely as I work at 6am, so I cannot make the trip to Pomona). As I am liking their latest album (Album 2 did very little for me, so it's nice to like them again), I kind of want to check them out anyway as they are playing LA, but it won't be the same without littlejanel with me! Curse California's brokeass raising fees.

See Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine at the Henry Fonda.

See Little Boots at the Roxy.

See CocoRosie at the Henry Fonda.

See a pattern here?

I should get tickets.

Umm. Yeah.

By the way, if Yo Gabba Gabba cast members are going to walk from behind me looking like a giant red dildo, I'd prefer them to not be so stealth. I'd be less freaked out that way.

I am still here.
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Some random things:

--I am a twitter addict, you guys! Come join me. Same name, as always.

--I am reading Valley of the Dolls and I love it.

--Patrick Wolf's latest album is fantastic. Damaris owns me.

--I still like champagne.

--I am getting full time hours at work. I don't really want that now. haha

--I saw Jason Castro yesterday while I was eating ice cream. I helped a very preggers Irish lady the other day who I am pretty sure was the co-star of that Cillian Murphy movie about twin psychosis. He was called Pig, I think, but I cannot be bothered to look it up.

--I may be in England in August.

iTunes is ridiculously dangerous.
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I have been spending way too much there. Like, I am all "ooh, new P-Wolf album -- get it" and all "Oh, I don't have that Presets remix album" and I get it. I am even buying videos of Adam Lambert (what is wrong with me?!?) and putting them on my ipod. This is more dangerous than a record shop, yo. Hell, even if I leave the house to get away from my computer and iTunes, I am in danger as a new record shop just opened down the road from me, which is a mixture of a dry-rub, picnic-style bbq place. Welcome to Silver Lake. If I avoid that, I will probably end up at a coffee shop. So I am either broke or wired. Sweet.

By the way, I am still in no-rent limbo, but it's working out okay. We still have permission to stay and it will still be sorted. Nothing to worry about. I have been in a better mood lately, so it's all good.

Anyway, the Patrick Wolf album is almost finished downloading. Sweet! I am seeing him live next week as well. Fun times.

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My neighbours in the beautiful building next door with the courtyard outside my window annoy me. Not only do they feel the need to have band practice late at night, but now they are filming some random zombie movie outside my window. Right outside! Loudly. Why?

I am an addict.
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I am, like, seriously addicted to Adam Lambert. Even more so now that the show is over. I cannot get enough of his interviews. I LAHV him and am even contemplating going to an AI concert? Why?! That's lame. But Adam isn't. This is the first time I am anticipating an AI album as well. I'm a total Adam fangirl. It's weird.

Anyway, I have not been that well for the past week, but I think I have pretty much corrected it. I am going to set up a doctor's appointment soon to find out, once and for all, if I am celiac.

Also, I have tickets to see Patrick Wolf soon. Woo! My baby sister is coming with me. Aww.

On a different, random note: my boss came into work today drunk off her ass. Like, way drunk. It was interesting, to say the least.